December 13, 2023

Items to Pack for Your Wedding Detail Shots

One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is capturing all of the details that you put so much thought into. By taking the time to capture these elements, we add depth and richness to your visual narrative and ensure a comprehensive gallery that tells your day’s complete story. Here’s a list of essential items to bring for those exquisite wedding detail shots.

Creating a Foundation for Wedding Detail Shots 

Stationery creates a great foundation for wedding detail shots and helps tie in your wedding colors to the shots. I would recommend bringing your full invitation suite including envelopes, RSVP cards, and save the dates. If you have any other stationery like menus or maps for guests, bring that too.

Flat lay featuring formal invitation suite with wedding rings, bracelet, perfume, and monogram patch

Accessories: Jewelry, Rings, Shoes, and Veil

Another staple of wedding detail shots are your wedding rings. If you have a ring box that goes with your stationery’s aesthetic, I would recommend bringing that. We can also include the jewelry that you’re wearing on your wedding day in some of the shots. I also like to include your shoes, veil, and bouquet in the shots to make sure we capture your whole look. 

Extra Details

If you have any other sentimental items like a monogrammed handkerchief or a special locket that you’re tying around your bouquet, I would include those in your wedding detail shots. You can also add in any beauty items like a bottle of perfume or the lipstick that you’re wearing. To tie everything together, I recommend asking your florist for extra loose florals so that we can include them in the shots.

Flat lay featuring white invitation with dark green envelope and white and pink flowers

Groom Detail Shots

We can also capture detail shots for the groom if you have sentimental items you want to capture. Some items I recommend including are your shoes, bowtie or tie, watch, cufflinks, and cologne. You may also want to include your pocket square, boutonniere, socks, and vow books if you’re using those items or if they are meaningful to you.

Capturing these intricate details is not just about aesthetics; it’s about preserving the tangible and intangible elements that make your day uniquely yours. From the sparkle of a ring to the intricate lace on your veil, these shots are a visual treasure trove that transports you back to the emotions and moments of your wedding day. My goal is to weave these details into a narrative that speaks to the essence of your love story. Reach out if you’re looking for a photographer to help you capture wedding detail shots that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!