June 30, 2023

Top Asked Questions from an Austin Wedding Photographer

Wedding planning can come with a lot of questions because it’s most likely the first time you’re doing this. If you’ve never worked with a wedding photographer before, there are many things you may not know – and that’s okay! I thought a blog with some common questions I get as an Austin wedding photographer would be helpful.

These answers are particular to how I offer my services and what I provide to couples. But if you’re hiring a photographer, I highly suggest you ask these questions when interviewing a photographer for your wedding day!

When can we expect our gallery?

I make it a goal to deliver galleries six to eight weeks after a wedding day. If there is any reason why this may not happen, I will communicate that with you as soon as I know.

How many photos can we expect?

My rule of thumb is a minimum of 100 photos per hour.

Do you provide sneak peeks?

Yes! I like to send some of the best photos from the day over to you while you are still hyped up from the day. These are usually ready within 48 business hours.

Do you do touch-ups in Photoshop?

Yes, I edit all your photos in Lightroom and then do final touch-ups in Photoshop. My goal is for your photos to feel natural and beautiful, but I always make sure that unwanted objects are removed.

What if we are shy in front of the camera?

Don’t worry, y’all! My job is not only to make you guys feel comfortable but also to use your love for each other to get natural photos that feel like you! Trust me, halfway through your session you will have forgotten I am even there and just feel like you’re on a sweet date night with your love!

How do we book you?

It is always so great to personally connect before booking your date. This can be a coffee date, phone conversation, or Facetime! You can send me an email or complete the contact form on my site so that we can choose a date.

Once you’re ready to book, it’s important to remember that all dates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates will be reserved by submitting a completed contract and a retainer of 1/3 of your desired package.

I accept three types of payment. This can be made by check, bank transfer, or credit card.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding photography involves a lot of moving pieces. Often people only see what happens on the wedding day, but it’s important to remember that much more goes into delivering your images. This may include:

  • Engagement Session
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Timeline and gear preparation
  • Software and gear upgrades
  • 15 or more hours spent editing

Do you provide albums?

Yes, I offer albums that you can design yourself for a most cost-effective rate and heirloom albums that I will design for you.

What other questions do you have about wedding photography? These can be for me as an Austin wedding photographer or just in general. Leave them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the blog!