November 23, 2022

Benefits of Bridal Portraits After Your Wedding Day

Benefits of Bridal Portraits After Your Wedding Day | Kelly O'Connor Photography | Austin Wedding Photographer | wedding portraits, couples photos, wedding attire, portrait ideas for couple on wedding day, The Greenhouse at Driftwood | via kellyoconnorphotography.com

Getting to spend time with Victoria and Steven during their bridal portraits session was such a treat! I loved their reasoning for booking this session and encourage couples to consider doing the same to capture this time in your life.

While working together in Houston, Victoria and Steven quickly fell in love. They are both originally from Canada and when deciding where they wanted to get married, they knew they wanted to do it back home so that all of their family and friends could join them. But, it was important to capture their love in the state they fell in love in – Texas! So they reached after their wedding day for a bridal portrait session in Austin. We first started at The University of Texas at Austin and then move onto The Greenhouse at Driftwood. Both were perfect locations and I couldn’t love this shoot more!

Bridal Portrait Misconceptions

Before I get into why I love bridal portraits and think couples should most definitely do them, I want to cover a few misconceptions I often hear about them:

  • They are only for the bride.
  • They have to take place before your wedding day.
  • You have to be in your full wedding attire for the session.
  • They should be at your wedding venue.

While yes, just the bride can be in the portraits. And taking them at your venue is a gorgeous spot to remember from this day. None of these are required for a bridal portrait session. You should make it what you want. It’s your wedding and marriage to celebrate!

Benefits of Bridal Portraits

1. More Time on Your Wedding Day

Booking a second session to capture couples photos allows for your time on your wedding day. This could be more time together as a couple or celebrating with your friends and family! This is a huge stress reliever for couples. Instead, you just get to enjoy and soak up every moment of your big day!

2. Choose a Fun Location

Instead of portraits only at your venue, you can be more adventurous and choose a fun location with a vibe that matches your style. You’re able to show off your personality and ‘be you’ in the photos.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t love your venue. But why would you need another location then? Maybe you share a love for the beach – book a destination session at your favorite beach. Maybe hiking together is how you spend your free time – book an outdoorsy session, dress up in your wedding attire and let’s create images that show off who you are together as a couple.

3. More Use Out of Wedding Attire

The time spent picking out your wedding attire to only wear it for one night can seem like a waste. With a bridal portrait session after the day, we can get more use out of your attire. And show it off to capture each detail!

4. Celebrate Your Anniversary

One of my favorite times to shoot bridal portrait sessions is to celebrate a couples anniversary. What better way to celebrate another year together than with unique portraits and pulling your attire out of the closet again?